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Showbox - Why the world loves it?

Showbox is a very popular streaming application who is getting famous with great pace. Showbox is an Android application developed to watch movies and TV shows without paying  a single penny. Well, in market hundreds of streaming apps are available. But Showbox comes on first. The main reason is the top quality content for free. Now users don’t have to pay for watching their favorite movies.


Exclusive Features Of Showbox:

In this section, I am going to explain salient features of Showbox. These features are the main reason why users love this application.


  • It is the very simple application. The interface is precise and clean. User finds no difficulty while using the app.
  • It contains the massive database of movies and TV shows. With diverse categories and genres, the number of movies plus shows is huge. Approximately, you will find 4000+ movies and shows in the database.
  • This application offers vouchers to its premium users for saving money.
  • When you use the application frequently, you get to earn Showbox points. These points help you earn gift vouchers.
  • The content available on the app is unlimited. You can easily stream and download the movie you want.
  • It offers an amazing feature of offline streaming. If you want to store a movie, Showbox allows you to do so. You can save your favorite movie to watch later.
  • It is mainly developed for Android platform. Whether you own smartphone or tablet with Android OS, Showbox will provide unlimited entertainment.
  • Some users also ask for the PC version. Well, there is no official version of Showbox for PC, but a user can use the showbox using the Android emulator.

So these are the main reasons why users are in love with this application. It supplies the unlimited entertainment with no money. I am sure there is no application out there which can match its performance!