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What is Cartoon HD App - Features And Installation Guide


 No matter what is your age group. You are still in love with cartoons! I am pretty confident to admit that I still love watching cartoons. What an amazing creation is cartoons? For kids, this is the best entertainment they can get! Because for kids, Cartoons are absolutely showing what a kid can imagine!


If you think TV is the only source to watch cartoons. Then you need to change this notion. There are hundred of ways to watch them. For example, online streaming. Yes, luckily we have various apps in the market who are offering online streaming of cartoons. With these apps, anyone can watch their favorite childhood cartoon series for free on cost any time.

Cartoon HD app is the most popular cartoon streaming app right now. In this post, I am gonna discuss in detail about its features and download procedure.

Cartoon HD Features:

First, let’s talk more about Cartoon HD app. As I mentioned earlier, it is the topmost application known for free online streaming of cartoons. It has a diverse library of cartoon series from every category. You will find both latest and old cartoon series on this amazing app. It can be installed on different devices like smart phone, tablet, laptop or even PC. Isn’t amazing!


Not only device, it is supported by multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS etc. Just devices should be running on the latest operating system for proper functioning.

You can even set the video quality while online streaming. Whether you want low, medium or high quality streaming, it’s up to you.

Download Cartoon HD App:

Enough with the features, now it’s the time to talk about its download procedure. The procedure is a little unusual because it is not available on the Play Store.

Before the installation of Cartoon HD app, there are some requirements. For example, internet connection obviously is must for the downloading procedure. Secondly, go the settings of your Android phone. Scroll down to the security, there check the option of “enable unknown source”. This way, you will be able to install Cartoon HD APK file on your smart phone.

After doing this, follow these steps.

  • To avoid any difficulty, here is the link for Cartoon HD APK.
  • Download the app from above link.
  • After the APK file has been downloaded.
  • Open up the APK file,
  • Your smart phone will ask for the permission to install the app
  • Simply click on the yes and you are done!