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You TV Player | Watch Free TV Online

Get rid of poor quality streaming with You TV Player! It is an Android application specially developed for HD quality online streaming. It enables the user to watch free movies and TV shows. There is no need to scroll through list in Youtube. It is one stop destination for all kind of entertainment.


The market is filled with hundreds of streaming apps. You TV Player is one of the top rated apps. The major reason for its popularity is the features. It has so much to offer that other apps cannot deliver. Such as, it allows free streaming of movies and TV shows without any extra cost. Within few seconds, you watch your favorite movies in HD print. We are not confined to streaming only. It offers features like interaction with other users and cloud facilities.

Features Of You TV Player

Before I will explain the download process of You TV Player. We should take a brief look upon its features. You are gonna be impressed with this app!

  • As said earlier, it is made for free online streaming. You can watch any kind of movie or Tv show on this application.
  • It has huge database of movies and TV shows. Whether you want horror story or love story, it has best collection for you. The best part, the content get updated on regular basis.
  • It allows online streaming of movies and TV shows in multiple formats. You can even download the content for offline use. This is so convenient!
  • It offers options like chatting and integrating with other users. This way, you can share the best stuff with friends.
  • It offers cloud storage services too. So, you can save your movies collection.
  • It is an open sources application and free to use.

You TV Player For Android


You TV Player is a popular streaming application. The bad news is that it is not the part of Google Play Store. In order to use it, you need to download the app manually. Don’t worry, the download process is pretty simple.

Here are the essential steps:

  • First of all, you need to make little changes to your device’s settings. Basically, it should let installation of apps from unknown sources. For this purpose, go to “Settings > Security > Unknown Sources” and turn on the settings. That’s it!
  • Next step is the download of the You TV Player apk file. You need to be careful here, you should download it from trusted source only. For example, 9apps or Mobango.
  • Now simple tap on the downloaded file.
  • Your device will ask permission to install the app. Tap on “Yes” and proceed.
  • Within few seconds, you can enjoy the free movies and TV shows!

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You TV Player is an amazing and fully optimized streaming app, you should try it!


Showbox - Why the world loves it?

Showbox is a very popular streaming application who is getting famous with great pace. Showbox is an Android application developed to watch movies and TV shows without paying  a single penny. Well, in market hundreds of streaming apps are available. But Showbox comes on first. The main reason is the top quality content for free. Now users don’t have to pay for watching their favorite movies.


Exclusive Features Of Showbox:

In this section, I am going to explain salient features of Showbox. These features are the main reason why users love this application.


  • It is the very simple application. The interface is precise and clean. User finds no difficulty while using the app.
  • It contains the massive database of movies and TV shows. With diverse categories and genres, the number of movies plus shows is huge. Approximately, you will find 4000+ movies and shows in the database.
  • This application offers vouchers to its premium users for saving money.
  • When you use the application frequently, you get to earn Showbox points. These points help you earn gift vouchers.
  • The content available on the app is unlimited. You can easily stream and download the movie you want.
  • It offers an amazing feature of offline streaming. If you want to store a movie, Showbox allows you to do so. You can save your favorite movie to watch later.
  • It is mainly developed for Android platform. Whether you own smartphone or tablet with Android OS, Showbox will provide unlimited entertainment.
  • Some users also ask for the PC version. Well, there is no official version of Showbox for PC, but a user can use the showbox using the Android emulator.

So these are the main reasons why users are in love with this application. It supplies the unlimited entertainment with no money. I am sure there is no application out there which can match its performance!

Moviebox app download - details and guided method

Moviebox is the online streaming application for the iOS devices. If you own iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you need Moviebox to watch movies for free. Well, we have so many applications for online streaming. But no doubt, Moviebox is one of the top applications. In fact, for users, it is the top choice.


Moviebox allows users to stream unlimited movies and TV shows for free. You don’t have to spend dollars for watching movies anymore. It is an open source application for watching movies online. Anyone can download it for any iOS device.

Before we jump to download section. Let's talk more about the application.

It contains the huge library of movies and TV shows. Pick and category, you will find the required movie in the library. In fact, there is no movie which is not the part of the library.

It keeps the data updated. As soon new movies and shows get released, the library gets updated. This way, it is a very competitive application.

It allows the streaming in HD media.

You can sort the movies and shows by rating, year or genre.

Download Moviebox:

Moviebox is not available on eh Apple store. Basically, we need to jailbreak the iOS device in order to install Moviebox. But here we got a method which does not require jailbreaking. That’s why this method is more convenient and easy for the user. The steps are simple and can be completed easily.

So let’s dig in!

  • You need to visit this link for downloading the vShare.
  • Click on the blue box with “Unjailbroken” for downloading vShare.
  • Once a download is complete, prompt will appear. Press “Install”.
  • Visit Settings>General>Profile>Developer.
  • Now click on “Trust Developer”.
  • Click on Trust again.
  • Open vShare and search for “Moviebox”.
  • Download the application.
  • Install the app and enjoy movies!

What is Cartoon HD App - Features And Installation Guide


 No matter what is your age group. You are still in love with cartoons! I am pretty confident to admit that I still love watching cartoons. What an amazing creation is cartoons? For kids, this is the best entertainment they can get! Because for kids, Cartoons are absolutely showing what a kid can imagine!


If you think TV is the only source to watch cartoons. Then you need to change this notion. There are hundred of ways to watch them. For example, online streaming. Yes, luckily we have various apps in the market who are offering online streaming of cartoons. With these apps, anyone can watch their favorite childhood cartoon series for free on cost any time.

Cartoon HD app is the most popular cartoon streaming app right now. In this post, I am gonna discuss in detail about its features and download procedure.

Cartoon HD Features:

First, let’s talk more about Cartoon HD app. As I mentioned earlier, it is the topmost application known for free online streaming of cartoons. It has a diverse library of cartoon series from every category. You will find both latest and old cartoon series on this amazing app. It can be installed on different devices like smart phone, tablet, laptop or even PC. Isn’t amazing!


Not only device, it is supported by multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS etc. Just devices should be running on the latest operating system for proper functioning.

You can even set the video quality while online streaming. Whether you want low, medium or high quality streaming, it’s up to you.

Download Cartoon HD App:

Enough with the features, now it’s the time to talk about its download procedure. The procedure is a little unusual because it is not available on the Play Store.

Before the installation of Cartoon HD app, there are some requirements. For example, internet connection obviously is must for the downloading procedure. Secondly, go the settings of your Android phone. Scroll down to the security, there check the option of “enable unknown source”. This way, you will be able to install Cartoon HD APK file on your smart phone.

After doing this, follow these steps.

  • To avoid any difficulty, here is the link for Cartoon HD APK.
  • Download the app from above link.
  • After the APK file has been downloaded.
  • Open up the APK file,
  • Your smart phone will ask for the permission to install the app
  • Simply click on the yes and you are done!